Athens better than sparta

In Sparta, the government was an oligarchy whereas in Athens, they were a democracy. The Think Tank Life was not easy for Athenian women. They were known for their devotion to military prowess and led a lifestyle that revolved around fighting and the glory of battle.

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At the age of seven, Athenian boys went to school to learn. Additionally, they were typically unencumbered by domestic responsibilities such as cooking, cleaning and making clothing, tasks which were handled by the helots.

Elaborate and expensive jewelry, complemented by luscious clothing were worn for seductive, and other purposes. This militaristic state was only possible because of the complex societal structure of Sparta. A Spartan phalanx at the Battle of Plataea Athens on the hand was famed for its navy.

This was important in shaping their social status and even their life in some cases. This was done as an effort to spare women the health dangers of pregnancies in adolescents.

Yet Athenian women… were kept in virtual slavery at home, whereasin Sparta they were free to participate in community life.

Athens Vs Sparta

However, women were given …NO rights. Located in the southern part of Greece on the Peloponnisos peninsula, the city-state of Sparta developed a militaristic society ruled by two kings and an oligarchy, or small group that exercised political control.

No man was loyal to a certain symposium, and usually floated from one to another.

Similarities and Differences between Spartan and Athenian society

We are talking about a huge island west OK. In addition to this, the social gatherings of Athenians and Spartans both had affinities and contrasts. After temporary setbacks, these notions only became more widely accepted and developed with the passing centuries. Mirror handwriting science fair research paper jamesesl essay body paragraph essay about english only policy advantages.

The city-state of Athens was the birthplace of many significant ideas. The Pnyx was a hill where the Athenian Ekklesia would meet, with a speaker's platform called the "Bema" Athens is seen as the birthplace of democracy — where a large number of the population had a say in state affairs and proceedings.

So the final choice is up to you and what you value Which is better Sparta or Athens.

Spartan Classes

Spartan men devoted their lives to military service, and lived communally well into adulthood. While Athens and Sparta were both dominant powers in ancient Greece, there existed a legendary rivalry between the two.

The devotion of Spartans to developing a military state left little time for the arts or literature. I think I can relate to some things Athenians like and do, too. Sparta and Athens shared similarities and differences in their systems of government, militaristic focuses, judgment and views of women.

Student Essay on Why Athens was Better Than Sparta

This essay will discuss these differences. From the woman's perspective no less than from the youth's, marriage in Sparta was never to a stranger. Spartan girls had watched, cheered, jeered, and flirted with the bachelors of the city from girlhood onward.

ate better during pregnancy, and fed their infants better afterwards. any more than an Athenian, or American – marriage was. Athens is Better than Sparta Essay Sample. Throughout Grecian history. there have been many interesting city states.

Two really of import poleis are Athens and Sparta. After analyzing these poleis it is clear that Athens is the better polis because of its authorities. instruction. and society. In ancient Greece, the great rival of Athens was Sparta. The city-state and its surrounding territory were located on the Peloponnesus, a peninsula southwest of Athens.

Sparta (also called Lacedaemon) was the capital of the district of Laconia. The Helots were serfs, little better than slaves, bound to the farms and forced to cultivate the. Why is Athens better than Sparta? (SOLVED) Click to Buy 12 USD.

Why is Athens better than Sparta? Why is Athens better than Sparta? Buy Answer. This question was answered on Jun 24, Purchase Solution @ 12 USD. Why is Athens better than Sparta? Buy Answer.

Professor Ted. ANSWER RATING: About this Question STATUS. Answered. Women and slaves were not considered citizens in Athens, therefore they had very little rights.

Athenian women could not own property, vote or attend the Assembly, or even choose their own women's only job in Athens was managing the household. Athens still has a very powerful army but we also focus on the importance of having a very full and versatile education.

Picking us has your permanent home is a pleasure. Living in Athens means that you will be free, respected, and loved.

Athens better than sparta
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